PHANTOM UAV – Autopilot Flight Checklist


Autopilot Flight Checklist

    Flight Preparation

    Power Up

    Take Off

    Flight Monitoring


    Flight Data Review


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Autopilot flight Checklist

Flight Preparation

Ensure the aircraft battery charge > 95%.

Ensure the transmitter battery voltage > 11.1%.

Ensure the PC battery charge > 95%.


-          fit antenna to PC,

-          fit antenna to aircraft.

Aircraft physical check

-          check undercarriage,

-          check wings and fuselage for damage,

-          check motor and propeller are secure,

-          check instrument bay for loose ordamaged items,

-          remove pitot tube cover.

On Mission Planner

-          clear logs,

-          program or load the mission,

-          transfer mission the aircraft,

-          Program or load the geofence,

-          Transfer geofence to aircraft.

Connect camera gimbal servo cables.

Power Up

On the transmitter, set the APM mode to MANUAL.

Power on transmitter.

Power on aircraft. Do not move aircraft until

-          accelerometers have initialised (red LED is on continuously),

-          GPS has acquired satellites (blue LED is on continuously).

Manually check

-          elevon movement,

-          aileron movement,

-          steering movement.

Do transmitter range check

On Mission Planner, connect Mavlink. On the ‘Flight Data’ page, check the following :

-          mode,

-          artificial horizon roll (roll the aircraft manually),

-          artificial horizon pitch (pitch the aircraft manually),

-          GPS lock,

-          map location,

-          battery voltage and current,

-          air speed sensor (blow the sensor),

-          altitude.

On Mission Planner, display the ‘Mission Plan’ page,

-          read the way points and check the flight plan.

Take Off

Turn on the camera(s).

Place the aircraft pointing towards the take off heading.


WARNING! Aircraft takes off automatically when the transmitter mode is set to Auto.


-          On the transmitter, set the mode to Auto.

Flight Monitoring

On Mission Planner, display the ‘Flight Data’ page.

Check the aircraft is following the flight plan.

On the transmitter, turn on the geofence.


Watch the aircraft and take manual control if required.

When aircraft is on the ground, switch mode to manual.

Turn off camera(s).

Turn off transmitter power.

Flight Data Review


-          download logs using Mission Planner

-          review kmz file on Google Maps.

Review flight data in telemetry logs (i.e. tlogs)

-          RC32 camera video,

-          download video,

-          review video.



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