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OpenTX - Application Note 17

Orange ORX Transmitter Module Set Up


Set up an Orange ORX transmitter module and bind to an Orange or Spektrum receiver.



ORX Module

Orange ORX Transmitter Module

Spektrum Receiver

Spektrum DSM2 Receiver


Orange Receiver

Orange DSM2 Receiver


Use this procedure to bind an Orange ORX 2.4GHz DSM2/DSMX transmitter module to an Orange receiver module or a Spektrum receiver.

1.    Plug the ORX transmitter module into the back of the Taranis radio,

2.    Turn on the Taranis radio and on the Model Setup screen turn off the Internal RF.

Set the External RF parameters as follows.

Model PPM

Channel Range CH1-8

PPM frame 22.5mS 300u -

Turn off the Taranis radio.

3.    Insert the bind plug in the Orange or Spektrum receiver and apply power to the receiver. The LED flashes fast.

4.    Press and hold the BIND button on the ORX transmitter module while turning on the radio. The ORX module LED slowly flashes twice while binding. Release the button.

5.    Within a few seconds, the receiver LED shines solidly.

6.    Turn off the receiver and remove the bind plug.


The ORX transmitter module has four working modes. The mode is set automatically during binding. The LED on the module indicates the mode as follows.







DSM2 1024 / 22mS frame


1 flash

DSM2 2048 / 11mS frame


2 flashes

DSMX 22mS frame


3 flashes

DSMX 11mS frame


When a receiver has been bound, note which mode the ORX module has chosen. This mode may have to be set manually when this model is chosen again.


IMPORTANT NOTE When a new model is selected, the ORX module does not automatically choose the mode that was set during the binding process! If the ORX was in a different mode for the previously selected model, when a new model is chosen, the model will not respond to control until the mode of the ORX is changed to the correct mode for the receiver. The mode must be changed manually.

Changing the ORX Module Mode Manually

The mode is changed to the next of the four modes in the list by pressing the ORX module BIND button three times in quick succession. For example, if the current mode is 2, then pressing the BIND button three times changes the mode to 3. Pressing the BIND button three more times changes the mode to 0, and so on.

Range Check

Place the model at least 60cm above the ground. At 30m from the model, press and hold the BIND button. With the BIND button held down, check that all controls are fully functional. Release the BIND button to end the range check.


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