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Bluetooth Headset

Set up a bluetooth headset with a bluetooth audio transmitter. Listen to the Taranis without annoying the pilots beside you, especially if you use the variometer that continuously indicates or announces the vertical speed and / or altitude.


The headphones socket on the back of the Taranis provides audio that would otherwise come from the speaker. When a headphone plug is inserted into the socket, audio through the speaker is turned off and audio is provided through the socket.

The device which converts the audio to a bluetooth radio signal is the BT1002 bluetooth transmitter.




Jabra TALK Headset


BT1002 Bluetooth Transmitter


The BT1002 can be attached to the back of the Taranis radio using adhesive backed hook and loop tape as shown in this photo.


BT1002 Bluetooth Transmitter Operation

The built –in lithium battery is charged using a mini USB plug and a charge can last up to eight hours.

The single button is used to turn the transmitter on, off and pair with a headset.

To turn on, press and hold the button until the blue light flashes, then release the button.

To turn off, press and hold the button until the red light flashes, then release the button.

Jabra TALK Headset Operation

There are many different protocols used by various devices that use bluetooth. The protocol that streams stereo music from a media source to a ‘sink’ is A2DP. The headset is the ‘sink’ and must be capable of using the A2DP protocol. Many basic headsets that are used for mobile phone calls do not have the A2DP protocol. One that does, however, is the Jabra TALK headset.

Turn the headset on and off using the slide switch.

Increase and decrease the volume using the Up and Down press switches on the side.

The Answer/End button is used to pickup and end phone calls.

Pairing the Jabra TALK Headset with the BT1002 Transmitter

Start with the transmitter off. Press and hold the button until the flashing blue light is replaced by a flashing red light, then release the button. The transmitter is now in pairing mode.

On the headset, press and hold the Answer/End button while turning the headset on. When the blue light flashes, release the Answer/End button.

When the transmitter red light stops flashing and the blue light flashes intermittently, the pairing is complete.

Volume Control

It is strongly recommended to use a pot or slider to control the master audio volume and set it to a comfortable level. Refer to Application Note 5.


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