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OpenTX Reference Guide 2 – Model Setup

Use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys to highlight each of the fields which set parameters specific to this model. Generally, once the parameter has been highlighted, press ENT to start editing the parameter.




Model Name

ENT SP to start editing.

+/- keys to scroll letters & numbers.

ENT SP to select character.

ENT LP to toggle upper and lower case.

Maximum 12 characters. Use underscore instead of blanks in names

Model Image

An aircraft image can be selected from a list. The image is displayed on the main screen whenever the model is selected.

ENT SP to open a list of models.

Scroll model names with +/-.

ENT SP to select model.

Model Images are stored in the [BMP] folder of the SD card.

Timer 1 & Timer 2

Timers are displayed on a main screen.

These fields determine how the timers work.

Triggers include :

  OFF = timer disabled.

  ON = always on

  THs = timer times while throttle stick is not at minimum.

  TH% = timer counts slower for lower throttle settings.

  THt = timer starts when throttle is first advanced.

  SA ..SH are physical switches A through H.

      = switch position forward. (used after switches)

     - = switch position in centre. (used after switches)

      = switch position back. (used after switches)

  S31 .. S36 Multiposition switch positions 1…6. (If fitted to analog input S3)

  tR1, tRr, tEd, tEu, tTd, tTu, tAl, tAr

  L1 .. L32 = internal logic switches

  FM0 .. FM8 = flight modes

  ! = NOT logical operator. (used in front of other triggers)

  ABS = counts continuously while model is selected and radio is on.

Time duration format is mm:ss where

  mm = minutes, and

  ss = seconds.

If 00:00 is set, the timer counts up.

If a time is set, the timer counts down. After the timer reaches zero, timing continues with a negative sign.


  OFF = persistence not active.

  Flight = incomplete

  Manual Reset. If ticked, makes the timer run whenever the model is selected and the radio is on. They can be used to accumulate times for all flights of a model.

Minute Call

If ticked, causes voice call at every full minute.


During countdown, event announcement selections are ..

  Silent = announcement only at zero.

  Beeps = beeps at 30, 20, 10 seconds.

  Voice = voice replaces beeps.


Resetting Non-Persistent Timers

Non-persistent timers are reset ..

  when another model is selected,

  when the radio is turned off,

  using the Reset Pop Up from a Main screen

  by Special Functions.


Resetting Persistent Timers

Persistent timers are only reset ..

  using the Reset Pop Up from a Main screen

  by Special Functions.


Extended Limits

If ticked, the extended servo limits are enabled (refer to the Servos screen).

Extended Trims

If ticked, the gimbal stick trim range is increased from 25% to 100%.

Trim Step

Sets the size of each trim click.

  Extra Fine = each click ~ 0.9 uS.

  Fine = each click = 1 uS.

  Medium = each click = 4 uS.

  Course = each click = 8 uS.

  Exponential = steps are larger as trim is set further away from centre.


Throttle controlled timer parameters


Tick when throttle is reversed so throttle controlled timer features work correctly.

Timer Source

Select the trigger for TH timer functions.

  Thr = throttle channel.

  S1 or S2 = pots.

  CH1 to CH2 = output channel.

Trim Idle Only

If ticked, allows for internal combustion engines to be adjusted without affecting the full throttle end point.

Preflight Checks

Display Checklist

If ticked, allows model notes on the SD card to be displayed when the model is loaded. The file name format is ‘Modelname’.txt (no blanks in file name) and is stored in the MODELS folder of the SD card. In the txt file, the maximum line length is 35 characters. The number of lines is limited only to memory size!

Throttle State

If ticked, a warning is announced if the throttle is not at idle when the model is loaded. The default is ticked.

Switch Positions

Customize the choice of which switches, and which state of the switches, are checked by the Switch Warning Message.

Toggle each switch for selection.

beside a switch means that switch is selected.

Set the switches to the required start up positions and with cursor on the ‘<]’ symbol, press ENT LP to save the settings.

The default setting is all switches up.

Pot Positions

Choice of pot position warnings on start up.

  Off = No start up warnings, no saving of pot or slider positions.

  Man = Selects which pots and sliders to be checked on startup. Stores pots and sliders positions using ENT LP on the label of each pot before exit.

  Auto = Selects which pots and sliders to be checked on startup. Automatically stores pot and slider positions when radio is turned off or another model selected.

The default setting is Off.

Centre Beep

Select a beep when any of the 4 sticks, 3 pots or 2 sliders pass their centre positions. Use +/- to select and ENT SP to toggle selection.

The default is no beeps on any device.

Internal RF


  OFF = Internal module off. (Internal module is XJT).

  D16 = 16 channel full duplex telemetry. (example X6R, X8R receiver)

  D8 = 8 channel telemetry.

  LR12 = 12 channel, long range, non telemetry.

Channel Range

Select which channel numbers are used.

Receiver No.

This number is sent to the receiver when it is bound. By default, it is the same as the model number. It can be changed to any number in the range 00 to 63.


First, on the receiver, press the F/S switch while applying power. Then, to bind the receiver, press ENT. Binding is confirmed when the receiver red LED flashes.


Range check. Press ENT to display the receiver RSSI value while the transmitter power is reduced, providing 1/30th normal range. Press EXIT to end the range test.

Failsafe Mode

Set the receiver channel output when signal reception fails.

  Hold = holds the last received positions.

  Custom = the preset +/- percent values for each channel is used. Values are set by selecting the desired channel, press ENT, set the desired position, press ENT to save.

  No Pulses = No PWM signal to servos.

  Receiver = the preset +/- percent values for each channel is used. Values are set by setting the sticks and other channel controls and then press the F/S switch on the X8R receiver until the green LED blinks.

The default setting is Hold.

External RF


  Off = External module off.

  PPM = used for generic modules. The frame length, pulse length, PPM frame polarity and number of transmitted channels can be set. (examples : Orange DSM and Spektrum DM9 modules.)

  XJT = FrSKY RF external module.


Trainer Port

Select whether the trainer port works as a Master or Slave.

Master Mode

  No parameters are set here. Refer to the Trainer screen.

Slave Mode

In Slave Mode the following parameters apply

  Channel Range  Cha – CHb   Cha can be from CH1 up to CH25.

                                                   CHb can be (Cha + 4) up to (Cha + 16)

                                                   Default is CH1 to 8.

   PPM frame     Frame can be from 12.5 to 40.0 mSec. Default is 22.5mSec.

                           Range is from 100 to 800. Default is 300u.

                           Polarity can be ‘-‘ or ‘+’. Default is ‘-‘.


Phantom Divide


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