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Phantom UAV (Taranis) - Introduction



This is the story of the installation, set up and testing of an autopilot in a radio controlled plane using the following items.


Plane : Phantom FX-61 flying wing.

Transmitter : FrSky X9D Taranis Plus.

Receiver ; FrSky X8R.

Autopilot : APM HKPilot Mega V2.5.

Ground Control Station Software : Mission Planner.


All civil aviation in Australia is administered by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) and the MAAA is recognised by CASA as a model aircraft authority. Refer to the MAAA website for information about regulations controlling used of all types of model aircraft including RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircraft). The ‘Manuals of Procedure’ section under the heading ‘Documents’ are important to be familiar with, especially ‘MOP067 – Self Guided Model Aircraft’.

The website of the MAAA is here www.maaa.asn.au/.


FrSky X9D Taranis Plus


FrSky X8R Receiver


Phantom FX-61 Flying Wing.





Mission Planner

Mission Planner software on the PC



HKPilot Mega V2.5 Flight Controller

with ArduPlane software and additional hardware.


The project begins with setting up manual control of the plane here.


Alternatively, look for any section in the contents below.



This is a complete list of the sections of this document.


Manual Flying

    Plane Modification – Elevons

    Plane Modification – Fuselage Sculpture

    Plane Modification – Battery

    Plane Modification - Undercarriage

Autopilot Set Up

    Equipment Layout

    Wiring Diagram

    APM Flight Controller Firmware

    Taranis Radio Set Up

    APM Configuration Using Mission Planner Software

    ESC Calibration

Airworthy Check List


FX-61 Taranis APM RPA Latest News

11 Aug 2019

Airworthy Check List page posted.

11 Aug 2019

Autopilot Set Up page posted.

11 Aug 2019

Manual Flying page posted.

11 Aug 2019

This page posted.



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